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WebYep Help: Menu


The "Edit Menu" window is used to add/remove menu items and change their order and/or properties.

Please remind that all changes are not applied to the page until you click the "Save" button but then can not be undone!


Add menu item

To add a menu item, enter the items text in the text field (at the window bottom) and click the "add" button.

Change menu item

Select the item you want to change in the list, enter the new text into the text field and click the "change" button.

Important: First select the item you want to change, then enter the text and then click the "change" button!

Delete menu item

Select the item you want to delete and then click the "remove" button. A confirmation panel will appear ("Really remove item...?") - click "yes" to delete the item. Note that the item will not really be deleted until you safe the menu by clicking the "Save" button.

Reorder menut items

Select an item and click the up/down icon to move it.

Hiding menu items

To hide a menu item, simply precede its item text with a percentage sign. So a hidden (disabled) menu item would look like this:

%A hidden menu item

Indent menu item (create submenu item)

To make a menu item into a submenu item (indent it) simply put one or more spaces (or underscores, "_") at the beginning of the items text. If you change an items text


Some menu item


  Some menu item

by inserting a space at the beginning of the item's text, this item will be indented to the right – the submenu level is determined by the number of spaces you insert.

Submenu titles

To place a title above a submenu section you can create a menu item whose text starts with a hash sign ("#"). So, if you change an item's text


A menu section


#A menu section

the item will become a submenu title.

Breaking up long menu item texts

When an item text is too long it can visually distort the menu display (e.g. by stretching its width). If this happens, you can break up the items text into several lines by inserting a "\" character (backslash) into the text where appropriate (e.g. after a dash or space). So by changing a menu items text


A quite long menu item text


A quite long\menu item text

you are inserting a line break after "long".


After making you changes click the "Save" button. This will make all your changes permanent and close the editor window. After that, the changed menu will be displayed in your web page.
In some rare cases you might need to klick the "Reload Page" button of you web browser.

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